Baz & Fitzy do Northern Italy! - Part 1

Baz & Fitzy do Northern Italy! - Part 1

In case you hadn't heard, Barry and James have just been on a wine pilgrimage to Northern Italy.

Flying into Milan they made their way west towards Piemonte, where they got to drink the infamous wine Barolo in its natural habitat! 

'We sat in the vineyards, eating grapes and drinking wine among nature!'

Travelling through Asti, Alba and loads of other famous wine areas they ended up drinking Moscato d'Asti for lunch!! Keep an eye out in-store for some new bits!!!!

Lots of wine tours and tastings later, they ended up, legally and safely at Lake Garda where they visited the incredible Ca Dei Frati who make outstanding still and sparkling wines, which really set the scene for Barry falling into the lake!!