The July tastings!!

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The July tastings!!

We've got some amazing tastings coming up in

Gather your mates, family or even a Tinder date and come in for a tasting with the team at Grape to Grain.
The tastings happen every Thursday at 7pm & Saturday at 2pm 
and we have some bangers coming up!.


All of the Rosé - Thu, 5 July, 7:00pm 
The rabble here at Grape to Grain have a real soft spot for Rosé!

Sippin' Spanish Summer -  Sat, 7 July, 2:00pm
Hola! Have you missed out on your Spanish holiday this year?
We have you covered!!

New Zealand isn't just Savvy Blanc - Thu, 12 July, 7:00pm
NZ is famous for a few things; the All Blacks, loads of sheep
and bloody lovely Savvy B.
 But why not try some interesting wines from New Zealand that
aren’t Sauvignon Blanc??
Lets DO IT!!

Bastille Day Tasting - Sat, 14 July, 2:00pm
The French are celebrating La Fête Nationale and so will Grape to Grain so
join us for an afternoon of French festivities.
It's always a sell out so book fast

Terroir Spotlight: The Americas - Thu, 19 July, 7:00pm
‘Murica!!! We love the USA but this tasting isn’t just about them!
It’s about Canada, Chile, Brazil and Argentina too!
English Picnic -  Sat, 21 July, 2pm
We normally complain about the weather, but it’s been a decent summer so far!
So we will be putting on a tasting that is quintessentially English.
  Pizza Pronto: Wine & Slice - Ramsbottom Only - Thu, 26 July 7pm
We love pizza, you love pizza, we sell wine, you drink wine, so let us rejoice in wine & pizza.
We will be collaborating with local pizza places to bring you the best wine and pizza pairings since your holiday in Naples.
Vino Natural: A new trend – Prestwich Store Only -  Thu, 26 July 7pm
What’s all the fuss about? What’s all this cloudy stuff in my wine?
Hipsters are taking over and their wine is now trendy.
We will be touching on Biodynamic, Organic and natural wines so expect a taste sensation as we discover a new wine trend.
Cocktails - Gin's influence on the world -  Sat, 28 July 2pm
As you know, some of the staff at Grape to Grain used to be cocktail nerds so we’ve put our heads together to make a day of it.
It's all about the GIN!!
To book any of July's tastings click HERE