October Tastings are available NOW!

October Tastings are available NOW!

We've been curating the October tastings for a while to bring you the best we can!

There are some amazing tastings to make the most of, like the Northern Italy tasting, as James and Barry have just visited Italy and want to share their experiences with you!!


Here are the First few weeks to get you on track;


Big Wine & Intense Cheeses -
Ramsbottom Store Only - 4/10/18

It's the old Grape to Grain classic.

We've done this before and let me tell you, it's a banger!

We will do 3 BIG RED WINES and match them with a BIG CHEESE that works in harmony!

It's £10, so I am sure you can recognise a steal when you see it.

Cheese lovers unite!


Prestfest – Our Own Oktoberfest - Prestwich Store Only - 4/10/18

So, it's Oktoberfest and we've decided to join in with the fun.

EXCEPT it won't be the normal stuff.

Basically, we will give you our favourites out of the fridge, which could be anything from lager to stout.

Get your beer boots on, lads & ladettes.

£10 per beer lover.


A Tour of Northern Italy - 6/10/18

First things first, we are NOT taking you on an actual tour of Northern Italy. I guess we could but not for 15quid each!

So, what we will do is explore the sparkling, whites and reds of the Northern part of the amazing ITALY!

Expect deliciousness and four outstanding wines to get you going!

Like we said, its £15 per wino so get booking!


Noble Rot - Sweet Wines & Cheese - Prestwich Store - 11/10/18

If you don't know what noble rot is, well, COME TO THIS TASTING!

We will be showcasing 3 sweeter dessert style wines from all over the globe.

ANNNDD each of these incredible wines will be matched perfectly with the ultimate cheese companion.

For those with a sweet tooth, it's perfect, for those who love cheese, it's perfect. It'll cost you £10 each, which is a certain giveaway.