Benimaquia Tinajas, Moscatel, 75cl

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Benimaquía Tinajas is an orange wine from the D.O. Alicante produced by the Casa Balaguer-Vinessens. winery. This wine is a blend of two different grape varieties: Moscatel de Alejandría and Merseguera.
The grapes used to produce this wine grow in the Mata Natural Park. The vineyards are cultivated on sandy soils of natural origin, characterised by the fact that the vines manage to survive and avoid the phylloxera outbreak.  
The vines are cultivated with the maximum respect for the natural and vegetative cycles, with the intention of having as little human intervention as possible. The winemaking and vinification process is also carried out in a natural manner.
Benimaquía Tinajas is fermented in clay pots with their own skins for 6 months using their own yeasts. Sulphur is not added to the wine. The profile is a slightly orange wine due to the maceration with the skins, which gives it a slightly tannic profile.


Alicante, Spain

ABV: 12.5%

Vegan / Vegetarian

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