Machoman Monastrell, Casa Rojo

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Monastrell - 2017

Jumilla, Spain

Red, Fruits, Warming

ABV: 14.5%   Vol: 75cl

Red Fruits, Spices, So Macho


Located in Jumilla, the Monastrell grapes are hand harvested from vines that are between 20 to 70 years old. The poor, dry soil conditions means that the wines will suffer and have to work hard to take any nutrients and warm but as a result of this, the grapes are super concentrated in flavour. Packed with red fruits, herbs and balsamic, the wine also takes on 4 months in oak to help to soften and bring out the silky tannins. Stick this wine in your wine rack and you’ll be a guaranteed Machoman!!

Tastes Like: Super Manly 

Smells Like: Testosterone 

Sounds Like: So Macho // Sinitta

Enjoy With: Dumbells In Hand 


The Nerdy Bits...

The grapes are hand harvested in little boxes during the second and third week of September, at the optimal maturation stage. Harvest is carried out during the first hours of the day so that grapes enter the winery with a temperature of around 15ºC. The grapes go through two selection tables before entering into the deposits. Fermentation is carried out in truncated-cone shaped tanks of 7,000 liters (the hat is thinner and this inverse shape allows softer and less aggressive pressings) at a controlled temperature of 28º C.Aged in brand new French oak barrels, 240 and 450 liters size from four cooperages (Seguin Moreau, ANA, Saint Martin and Saury). MachoMan also ages inside 800-liter Roman clay amphoras.