Old Vine Zinfandel, Bogle Vineyards

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Zinfandel - 2016

California, USA

Red, Full Bodied and Richly Textured

ABV: 14.5%   Vol: 75cl

Berries, Spiced Chocolate and Great Complexity


The vines used to produce this wine might be getting on for 80 years old but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready for the retirement home!! They might produce smaller yields of fruit but the fruit they produce creates some sweet sweet juice!! With notes of juicy berries, spiced chocolate and tobacco, this wine then leads off with great complexity and luscious tannins. Pound for pound this is one of the biggest hitters in the shop!!

Tastes like: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Smells like: A Box of Chocolates

Sounds like: Hooked On You // Cerrone

Enjoy with: The Peace of Mind You've Not Broke the Bank


The Nerdy Bits...

Harvested from 40-80 year old vines and matured in American oak for 10 months. This supple and mouth-filling vintage leads with juicy raspberry and ripe blackberries. Hints of spiced chocolate integrate well with fruit that is surprisingly luscious and silky on the palate, partnered with black pepper backbone that gives structure and weight. Flavours of toasted oak and pipe tobacco create further structure, allowing this wine to stand up to a variety of gamey dishes.