04/12/20 - Winter Whites - The Grape to Grain LIVE Tasting

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Here we go again ladies and gents, the Grape to Grain LIVE tastings continue apace!!! Tom and Baz...and sometimes Jen come to you LIVE....from Prestwich!! Tremendous wines, matched cheeses and a whole load of fun..In In is the new Out Out...Until we can be In whilst Out...shakin' it all about! 

Also now starting at 8pm!!! :)

This week;

In these cold, dark days our thoughts naturally turn to red wines...but that doesn't have to be the case every time you want to pop a cork! There is a whole world of thicc, oaky, velvetty bois that you can enjoy in the winter months. Big and bold enough to stand up to whatever the weather decides to throw at us, rich opulent white wines to swear by!

The wines are delivered to your door, with matched cheeses and we then taste it together online, we will be live streaming on Facebook and Instagram LIVE and of course on Zoom too!! Banging wines and 2 pillocks hosting...or 1 pillock and Barry...

The 'portions' are 100ml 'Tasters' and 500ml 'Carafes' or the imperious 'Full Bottle'. Pick the right size for you, your budget and how many guests you have.

Without further ado...here are the wines for this week; 

 - We start off with a wine from the Northern Rhone that is built on silken mouthfeel and texture, the Domaine de la Janasse Viognier. Fresh, fruity and aromatic, with ripe tropical and dried fruit characteristics. Balanced alcohol and acidity and a great concentration of apricot and peach, with a honeyed, silky finish
 - Next up is the King of Chenin's best work...The FMC by Ken Forrester...the pinnacle of what Chenin can do, matched only by Condrieu in the Rhone.  Rich, layered with dried apricot, vanilla and honey, its got some lees ageing and a bit of Botrytis for good meaure!
 - Finally...We finish on an Oakee Boi...The Federalist Mendocino County Chardonnay! This one is all about the wood, it's aged in a mixture of oak, 35% of the barrels being new. Hungarian and French oak adds wood and spice whilst the American oak provides a sweetened edge. The wine offers aromas of ripe fruit over lemon curd and pear. The palate is lush and textured and with cinnamon and cardamom spice.

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!

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