Red Wine and Charcuterie - 09/10/20 - The Grape to Grain LIVE Tasting

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Here we go again ladies and gents, the Grape to Grain LIVE tastings continue apace!!! Tom and Baz...and sometimes Jen come to you LIVE....from Prestwich!! Tremendous wines, matched cheeses and a whole load of fun..In In is the new Out Out...Until we can be In whilst Out...shakin' it all about! 

Also now starting at 8pm!!! :)

This week;

Cheese? Well with our new cheese bros I.J. Mellis...completed it mate...Nah not really, buuuuut we do want to show another side to pairing wines. We have chanced our arm at sweet pairing with the merchants of yum Slattery's of Whitefield, now lets look at cured meats!! We started with the meats then paired them with wines from the same region....There's more to life then Prosciutto!!

The wines are delivered to your door, with matched cheeses (well meats in this case) and we then taste it together online, we will be live streaming on Facebook and Instagram LIVE and of course on Zoom too!! Banging wines and 2 pillocks hosting...or 1 pillock and Barry...

The 'portions' are 100ml 'Tasters' and 500ml 'Carafes' or the imperious 'Full Bottle'. Pick the right size for you, your budget and how many guests you have.

Without further are the wines for this week; 

 - We start off with a tuscan banger Capocollo - deep red and with some really deep marbling running through it is a pork Salume (cured meat) that is super popular in CHIANTI IT MUST BE!! We are going with the Da Vinci Chianti Classico Reserva100% Sangiovese - a delightful medium bodied boi to start things off.
 - Next up is a Corsican winner, the Saucisson Corse, a classic in the French Saucisson Sec (dried sausage) style with pronounced seasoning and a wonderful hard texture. We have paired it with the Domaine Fiumicicoli Rouge. Mainly Nielluccio (Sangiovese) it also benefits from a touch of 1 other indigenous Corsican grape Sciacarello and a lick of Syrah. 
 - Finally...We finish on a spicy boi....Black Garlic Chorizo from Spain, slightly smoked with the heady, sharp note of black garlic. We have paired that with Huerta de Albala TabernerVery deep, inky, mulberry colour. Full and rich with chocolate, spice, mocha and oak. An interesting and very Spanish touch of savouriness in the form of roasted meat and leather. Juicy black cherry, voluptuous and rich with a lovely savoury edge.

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!

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