Sauvignon Blanc, Greywacke

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Sauvignon Blanc - 2018

Marlborough, New Zealand

White, Crisp, Dry

ABV: 13%   Vol: 75cl

Tropical, Citrus with a hint of Fragrant Spice


The pièce de résistance of the Sauvignon Blanc world, Kevin Judd (the winemaker) has really captured everything that is Marlborough in this wine. Getting it's name from the large stones found in the river, Greywacke Sauvignon has great aromas of peaches, melon, passionfruit and mango with herbaceous notes that gives this wine great layers of complexity. This is the most clean and crisp, fresh and zesty wines on the selves. A wine that truly captures the essence of the New Zealand landscape.

Tastes like: Umbongo 

Smells like: A Tropical Breeze

Sounds like: Something For The Weekend // Ben Westbeech

Enjoy with: Your Besties!!


The Nerdy Bits...

Harvested largely by machine during cool (often cold) night-time conditions, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes were picked into half-tonne bins, tipped directly into the tank press and lightly pressed. The resulting juice was cold-settled prior to fermentation in stainless steel, primarily using cultured yeast for cool, slow fermentation. A portion was allowed to undergo spontaneous indigenous yeast fermentation. All individual vineyard batches were left on lees and kept separate until late July, when the blend was assembled.