Grape to Grain Tastings!!

Grape to Grain LIVE Online Tastings - Check it out

Every Friday night and Saturday night at 8pm book on with hundreds of other wine lovers as we explore 3 wines with matched cheese - 2 levels of tasting, 'Great' and 'OHMYGODDDDDD!'. Hosted on Zoom, FaceBook Live and Instagram LIVE.

Private Online Tastings - Check it out 

We will deliver 3 (or more...) super duper wines and paired cheeses to you and all your pals, in lockdown ANYWHERE IN THE UK, and then host you all securely on Zoom as we sip, savour and salivate over brilliant wines made by exceptional winemakers!! The tasting will last about an hour, after which we will pass the host duties on to one of your party and you guys can carry on all night!!!

Grape to Grain In Store Tastings - Check it out

With the shops shut, these tastings are obviously on hold...but we cannot WAIT to see all your beautiful mugs in store, and drink great wine all night again!!

Every Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon in the Prestwich store, and every Saturday afternoon in Ramsbottom too.


The Wine and Cheese Cruises - Check it out

Hugely popular, but unfortunately currently mothballed, the Wine and Cheese Cruises were the big hit of the last year, selling out every time and always huge fun. Then...lockdown!!

The concept was simple, 7 wines, paired with 7 cheeses on a river boat cruising from Castlefield to Media City in Manchester/Salford. A 3 hour cruise with 50 other wine and cheese fiends, from just £55 a head...

We will be this space!!