Grape to Grain Tastings

We host our in-store tastings on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
The LIVE tasting schedule will vary...scroll down to see what we have coming up!
The Thursday tastings start at 7pm, the Saturday tastings start at 4pm.
The Friday LIVE tastings start at 8pm!
We are space limited when hosting our in-store tastings so if you see one you like, don't sleep on it! The in-store tickets will get you 50ml of each wine...with pairings and plenty of juice to buy afterwards.
Thurs 20th (7pm) - Drink Chenin Day (5 Wines) - from £33
It's a tale as old as wine...Chenin Blanc starts its life in France, gets taken round the world, becomes an absolute beast. FMC anyone....?
Sat 22nd (4pm) - Fairytale Wines: Fantastic Ferments from Fiction (4 Wines) - from £24
Come drink like Tyrion or Paul Atreides...or we quaff real life wines that inspired fantasy drops. Goblets at the ready!!
Sat 29th (4pm) - Sunshine Wines (4 Wines) - from £13
The wettest summer since 1912...we'll f**kin' show you. Luscious, light summer wines for the weather you want, not the weather you've got!!
Thurs 4th (7pm) - The Grape to Grain Guide to Fine Wines from California (5 Wines) - from £30
It's been many a moon since the Old World held the monopoly on top end juice, Cali has long been a competent rival. We'll show you why! 
Fri 5th (8pm) - The LIVE Tastings: A Grape to Grain Guide to Fine Wines from California w/ Tom and Baz
It's been many a moon since the Old World held the monopoly on top end juice, Cali has long been a competent rival. We'll show you why! 
Thurs 11th (7pm) - International Cava Day: The Best Spanish Sparkles - from £17
Cava has a rap it doesn't deserve, bottle fermented, constrained by DO rules, richer and deeper than its similarly priced peers...ace stuff!
Sat 13th (4pm) - Bastille Day Champagne and Cake Special with Champagne Tribaut and Lupo Caffe Italiano - from £29.5
Allons enfants de la Patrie!! It's Bastille Day so we are eating Italian cake paired with wines made possible and popular by the English ;)
Thurs 18th (7pm) - Mandela Day: Modern South African Wines (4 Wines) - from £18.5
The Rainbow Nation's finest export may well be 'Peace and Reconciliation' or the vuvuzela...but third is defo wine...
Sat 20th (4pm) - (Howling at the) Moon Day: Biodynamic Wine Practices (4 Wines) - from £26.5
Now don't get me wrong we love to poke fun, but in truth...understanding the cycles and fluctuations of the vineyard makes better wine!
Sat 20th (6pm until late) - The 8th Birthday Super Mega Ultra Tasting and Party (5 Wines) - from £xx
8 f**kin' years eh...? We'll be having a WILD tasting cos that's what we a party across 2 floors...fizz and food on us x
In Store
Thurs 25th (7pm) - International Shiraz Day: Around the World in 4 Bottles (4 Wines) - from £24.5
It started in the Rhone in the South of France but Shiraz/Syrah is truly international and we are riding this grape all round the globe!!
Fri 26th (8pm) - The LIVE Tastings: Tom's Birthday Tasting Bonanza w/ Tom and Baz
Sat 28th (4pm) - The Ultimate Wine and Curry Tasting with Roti Food & Liquor (4 Wines) - from £27.5
The age old question of what wine to pair with spicy food is answered in EMPHATIC style by us with the bad ass bhangra boys down at Roti!!
Thurs 1st (7pm) - The Iconic Sushipod Tasting: Gojira's Revenge (4 Wines) - from £36.5
Our mates @sushipodmcr are well and truly here to stay at G2G...our 4th (5th) tasting of wine paired with breathtaking soosh! SAKE!
Fri 2nd (8pm) - xxx
Fri 23rd (8pm) - The LIVE Tastings: Producer Spotlight on Soumah of the Yarra Valley w/ Tom and Jen
After teasing us for months with incredible new wines Jen is finally bringing the HEAT with awesome juice from the let's go deep
Fri 30th (8pm) - The LIVE Tastings: Sensational South American Reds for the Ultimate Steak Night w/ Tom and Baz
No matter how you cook your red meat, BBQ, grill, pan fried, reverse seared, sous-vide...microwave...One continent's wines will always match