14/02/21 - Valentine's Day Special - The Grape to Grain LIVE Tasting

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Here we go again ladies and gents, the Grape to Grain LIVE tastings continue apace!!! Tom and Baz...and sometimes Jen come to you LIVE....from Prestwich!! Tremendous wines, matched cheeses and a whole load of fun..In In is the new Out Out...Until we can be In whilst Out...shakin' it all about! 

Our Friday and Saturday tastings start at 8pm, THIS TASTING STARTS AT 4PM :)

This week;

Shall i compare thee to a summer's day...no, ill compare you to a glass of wine! Full bodied and voluptuous, or intense and muscular...ok, it got real creepy real fast...soz. Valentine's Day is upon us and whilst we cannot take our loved ones out for a night on the town, we don't need to spend ANOTHER evening sat on the sofa doom scrolling through twitter or arguing over what to put on Netflix!

We have a whole evenings entertainment planned for you, all the trimmings...well...nearly all...the finale is up to you! We have some fizzy wizzy wine with choccies from Slattery in Whitefield, a white and a red with a lovey-dovey theme each paired with a superb cheese, then a delicious cocktail to finish with chocolate dipped strawberries. 

The wines are delivered to your door, with matched cheeses and we then taste it together online, we will be live streaming on Facebook LIVE and of course on Zoom too!! Banging wines and 2 pillocks hosting...or 2 pillocks and Jen...

The 'portions' are the Super Sad Singleton (100ml), Couples Carafe (500ml) and the Gettin' Lucky Tonight (Full Bottle). Pick the right size for you, your budget and what you have planned. The Carafe and Full Bottle will both get you a full bottle of the fizz, for obvious logistical reasons, but different sizes of the cocktail. The singleton package will also get you a full bottle of the fizzy stuff to drown your sorrows!!

All these are subject to change...but...here's the lineup!

Wines coming soon!!

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!

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