14/05/22 - Producer Spotlight: Chaffey Bros (4 Wines) - Prestwich Store

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Our in-store tastings are busier than ever before!! After a year and half of meeting through Zoom, we can now all meet up and share our love of all things boozy in person...and we are so, so, SO excited!! We have a full program of events coming up!!


Our in-store Tastings have various start times - on Thursdays they will start at 8pm, on Saturdays they will start at 4pm, on Sundays they start at 2pm . The LIVE virtual tastings will continue and they will always start at 8pm unless specifically stated otherwise!


This week;




The 'portions' are 75ml per person unless stated otherwise, and always teamed up with a delicious food pairing. There will be lots of opportunity to buy more wine afterwards if you so please...


All these are subject to change...but...here's the lineup!


- First up…a SPARKLING blend of Riesling, Kerner and Gewürztraminer the Funklepunkt. 

- Second up a real rarity, a straight up Kerner from the only Kerner vineyard in all Australia…the Kontrapunkt.

- Thirdly another G2G fav and OG, the Beaujolais style Grenache Nouveau, the Pax Aeterna. 

- Finally a GSM rockstar, with a South Australian spin on a Southern Rhone classic…La Résistance!. 


Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!