16/12/21 - Port Sherry and Dessert Wine (4 Wines) - Prestwich Store

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Our in-store tastings are BACK BABY!! After a year and half of meeting through Zoom, we can now all meet up and share our love of all things boozy in person...and we are so, so, SO excited!! We have a full program of events coming up!!

Our in-store Tastings have various start times - on Thursdays they will start at 8pm, on Saturdays they will start at 4pm. The LIVE virtual tastings will continue and they will always start at 8pm unless specifically stated otherwise!

This week;

Perhaps the most Christmassy wines out there are these sweet, sticky, boozy boi…perfect with a mince pie, even BETTER with a big blue cheese. Port Sherry and Dessert wine have a rich history, a varied heritage and at their hearts are top, top quality juice!

The shame is that sometimes it limits these great wines to Christmas consumption only, come discover something great in the perfect Xmas setting that we hope you will enjoy year round!

The 'portions' are 75ml per person unless stated otherwise, and almost always teamed up with a delicious food pairing. There will be lots of opportunity to buy more wine afterwards if you so please...

All these are subject to change...but...here's the lineup!

- The first we have gone for the Sandeman 10 yr Tawny Port. A blend of tawny Ports make this approximately 10 years old. With fruity notes of sloe, damson and plum alongside some more developed raisined fruit and nutty tones, it is well-balanced and rich.

- Secondly the Quinta do Infantado LBV, A top quality late bottled vintage port, deep ruby in colour. Bursting with aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, raisins and spice on the nose. The palate is nicely structured with ripe and round tannins, a refreshing acidity which beautifully balances the sweetness, and a long finish.

- Next up, a sherry, specifically the Bella Luna Pedro Ximenez. A luscious, midnight-coloured sherry, as rich as rum and raisin ice cream (with which it would go nicely) and oozing raisins, dates and honey.

- Finally, a truly magnificent dessert wine, arguably THE dessert wine, the Ginestet Classique Sauternes. A classic botrytis nose, gently floral and honeyed with hints of citrus marmalade. The palate is rich and smooth with flavours of barley sugar and bittersweet mandarin. 

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!