17/04/21 - Meet The Maker w/ Nicolas Jaboulet from Domaine les Alexandrins (4 Wines) - The Grape to Grain LIVE Tasting

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Here we go again ladies and gents, the Grape to Grain LIVE tastings continue apace!!! Tom and Baz...and sometimes Jen come to you LIVE....from Prestwich!! Tremendous wines, matched cheeses and a whole load of fun..In In is the new Out Out...Until we can be In whilst Out...shakin' it all about! 

Our Thursday, Friday and Saturday tastings start at 8pm :)

This week;


It's the return of our Meet The Maker series, and our first Frenchie. We will be linking up with Nicolas Jaboulet, who is now working with Rhône powerhouses Domaine les Alexandrins. Nicolas Jaboulet is the 6th generation of one of the most famous winemaking names in the northern Rhône. He has a long personal and professional history with every corner of the Rhône.


It was Nicolas’ great great great grandfather Antoine Jaboulet who first planted the vineyard of La Chapelle in 1834, next to a chapel that was built in 1235. The vines were passed down from father to son until the business was sold to the Frey family of Bordeaux’s Château La Lagune in 2006.


So what happens to the next generation after being displaced from a family business…? Well he has moved on and Domaine les Alexandrins have undoubtedly benefitted and so will we as we try 4 outrageous expressions!!


The wines are delivered to your door, with matched cheeses and we then taste it together online, we will be live streaming on Facebook LIVE and of course on Zoom too!! Banging wines and 2 pillocks hosting...or 2 pillocks and Jen...

The 'portions' are 100ml 'Tasters' and 500ml 'Carafes' or the imperious 'Full Bottle'. Pick the right size for you, your budget and how many guests you have.

All these are subject to change...but...here's the lineup!

- First up we head to the Coteaux d’Ardèche, located to the west of the Rhône Valley for the Maison Les Alexandrins Viognier. Rich, with notes of pineapple, peach and apricot. Lively and concentrated fruit is balanced with a beautiful freshness and lifted acidity

- Next we head up to Brézème, one of the smallest appellations of the Northern Rhône. The Domaine de Bréseyme Brézème Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc. Aromas of fleshy white peach, ginger and hints of almond on the nose. Richly textured, well-balanced with racy acidity and concentrated flavours of orchard fruit.

- Thirdly we stay in the Northern Rhone and try the Maison Les Alexandrins Syrah, a blend of 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier a la Cote Rotie. Notes of blackcurrant, strawberry and blackberry. On the palate, the tannins are round and soft, well-balanced and fruit forward. The softness and finesse of the 5% Viognier creates a wine that is more powerful and full-bodied than a simple Syrah. 

- Finally to Saint-Joseph, grown on the round pebbles of the Les Chassis plains. The Domaine les Alexandrins Saint-Joseph, full of black fruit and freshly cracked black pepper and roasted cocoa. It is a beautifully structured and full bodied wine with fine tannins. The finish is long and very harmonious.


Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!

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