26/06/21 - Rose All Day: From Pale Provencal to Fizzy Pink Juice - Prestwich Shop

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Our in-store tastings are BACK BABY!! After a year and half of meeting through Zoom, we can now all meet up and share our love of all things boozy in person...and we are so, so, SO excited!! We have a full program of events coming up!!


Our in-store Tastings have various start times - on Thursdays they will start in both stores at 8pm. On Saturdays they will start in Rammy at 2pm and in Prestwich at 4pm. The LIVE virtual tastings will continue and they will always start at 8pm unless specifically stated otherwise!


This week;


Sun’s Out…Rosé out…nothing else need be said…


Except that every drop will be nectar…fruit purity and joyous summer vibes!! 


No nationwide delivery obviously as these are IN PERSON/IN-STORE tastings only. We still delivery nationwide on our LIVE virtual tastings but this is not one of those tastings!


The 'portions' are 75ml per person unless stated otherwise, and almost always teamed up with a delicious food pairing. There will be lots of opportunity to buy more wine afterwards if you so please...


All these are subject to change...but...here's the lineup!


- First up is Fowles Wines ‘Ginger Prince’ Sparkling Rosé. Little glass of fizzy wizzy to start us off!! Sparkling rosé from south-eastern Australia, as fresh and bright as the start of summer, bursting with cranberries, cherries and ripe strawberries.
- Next we are off to the centre of rose production, Provence, to have a sip of the Clos Mirielle Rosé by Domaine Ott. Bright, crystal clear salmon hue and an assertive character. The rich, fresh and fruity nose expresses aromas of melon and peach interspersed with subtle hints of strawberry. 
- Finally, our favourite rose of the last…well…EVER!! Rosa Dei Frati by Ca Dei Frati. A Lugana blend of local varieties including Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera. This is a delicate rosé with tantalising aromas of summer pudding and redcurrants and a refreshing, thirst quenching character of this wine.


Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!

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