27/08/22 - The Gincident: The G2G Guide to Gin and Classic Gin Cocktails (4 Cocktails) - Prestwich Store

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Our in-store tastings are busier than ever before!! After 2 years of meeting through Zoom, we can now all meet up and share our love of all things boozy in person...and we are so, so, SO excited!! We have a full program of events coming up!!

Our in-store Tastings have various start times - on Thursdays they will start at 8pm, on Saturdays they will start at 4pm, on Sundays they start at 2pm . The LIVE virtual tastings will continue and they will always start at 8pm unless specifically stated otherwise! 

This week;

The 'portions' are 75ml per person unless stated otherwise, and always teamed up with a delicious food pairing. There will be lots of opportunity to buy more wine afterwards if you so please... 

- First up the Tom Collins.
- Second up Gin Martini.
- Thirdly is the French 75.
- Finally the Clover Club.

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...Should be an absolute spanker!!