Are You Game? Chardonnay, Fowles Wine

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Chardonnay - 2016

Victoria, Australia 

White, Round, Fruity

ABV: 13.5%   Vol: 75cl

Tropical, Fresh with a Creamy Texture


Once upon a time Australia ruined chardonnay for an entire generation of people by flooding the market with poorly made overly oaked chardonnay. This generation of people are called the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) generation. That was a long time ago, GET OVER IT!!! Australia is now producing some incredible chardonnays these days, and this is no exception. Fruit forward peaches, green apple and citrus with creamy vibes and a little hint of toast. MAKE CHARDONNAY GREAT AGAIN!!

Tastes like: All You've Ever Wanted 

Smells like: A Comeback!!

Sounds like: Mama Said Knock You Out // LL Cool J

Enjoy with: A Plump Pheasant


The Nerdy Bits...

Home to Fowles Wine vineyards and winery, the Strathbogie Ranges is characterised by massive granite boulders – the very boulders that have given rise, over millions of years, to the sandy loam soils in which our vines grow. This is a harsh Australian landscape with soil that is nutrient poor and retains very little water – difficult for farmers to grow livestock, but a wonderful landscape for grape growers seeking to grow fruit with great intensity. The wine was fermented between 13C and 16C with 85% fermented in stainless steel and 15% in barrel to add complexity and texture. Matured in new and old French oak with lees stirring.