Argeo Prosecco, Ruggeri N.V

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Glera - Non-Vintage

Valdobbiadene, Italy

Sparkling, Crisp, Elegant

ABV: 11%   Vol: 75cl

Pear, Apple with a soft Mouthfeel


You might think that Prosecco is the cheap cheap of the Fizz but Oh No!! Not this one!! From the Valdobbiadene region of Italy, Ruggeri is one of the finest houses in the Prosecco. The Argeo is a beautiful classic Prosecco with soft, tiny bubbles (a hallmark of quality). Pear and golden apple on the nose and palate with hints of citrus, followed by a crisp and clean finish.

Tastes like: Pear Drop Sweets

Smells like: A Kid in a Candy Store

Sounds like: It Takes Two // Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

Enjoy with: Your G2G Ready to Drink Pornstar Martini


The Nerdy Bits...

 A delightful Italian alternative to Champagne. This classic, sophisticated, apple flavoured sparkling wine is made in the Veneto, North East Italy from the Prosecco grape and is a delightful alternative to Champagne. Using a technique called 'White vinification' (without the skins). The grapes are harvested from the hills of the first Dolomitic ridges in the north of Italy from late September to mid-October. The delicate 'sparkle' is added during a slow refermentation in large sealed tanks.