Beher Unico Salchichon de Bellota, 100g

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Iberico de Bellota Salchichon (salami) slices from Salamanca, made from acorn-fed black foot pigs. These pigs roam freely in the oak groves of Extremadura, Spain, eating the acorns lying there. The salami is made using herbs, garlic and smoked paprika, then dry-cured in the traditional way for 3 to 4 months. Kepp refrigerated but bring right to room temperature before eating to fully appreciate the flavour. The slices have a smooth silky taste, particularly good as part of an assortment of cured meats.

INGREDIENTS: Iberico pork meat, salt, paprika (D.O.P. La Vera), garlic, oregano, powdered milk, dextrin, dextrose, emulsifiers (E450i; E452i), sugar, antioxidants (E301, E325 and E331iii) preservatives (E252; E250) and colourant (carmine).

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