Dry Riesling, Chateau Ste Michelle

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Riesling - 2016

Colombia Valley, USA

White, Crisp, Dry

ABV: 12.5%   Vol: 75cl

Citrus, Minerals with a Refreshing Acidity


It’s a 21st century Riesling!! Riesling for the masses!! The great Riesling comeback of 2019!! We at Grape to Grain are firm lovers of this grape but it’s picked up a bad name over the years. However, Chateau Ste Michelle have created a wine that is about to change things for the better!! This cool climate Riesling is crisp and dry with a mouth-watering acidity with citrus and apricot notes and an elegant finish. The winemaker says this wine is a perfect accompaniment for oysters and who are we to disagree?!

Tastes like:

Smells like: 

Sounds like: Other Side Of The Game // Erykah Badu

Enjoy with: Oysters because You So Fancy!!


The Nerdy Bits...

The winemaker hand selected particular lots of grapes to create this elegant, dry style of Riesling, while maintaining its beautiful fruit character. The wine underwent a cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness and bright fruit qualities of the grapes.