Klur Natur, Pet en L'Air Pet Nat, 75cl

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The latest project from Clement Klur. He is pushing the boundaries of what it is possible to achieve from his small estate on the steep slopes of Alsace.

Intent on going beyond organics and bio-dynamics this range is as natural a production as is possible: no fining, no filtration, no added sulphur. Resulting in sulphur levels barely around the 10mg/l mark. The grapes are handpicked and pressed in tiny traditional presses (operated by hand) all to ensure as little interference from vine to bottle as possible. This all results in intense flavours and textures that linger long in the mouth and memory.

Great wine always starts in the vineyard. Organic since 2000 Klur Nature is a small 1.7ha vineyard on the hills surrouding Katzenthal, every process is carried out by hand in a biodynamic fashion, with a little help from the horses that are used to plough the rows.


70% Riesling 30% Muscat