The Drift Farm, 'Over The Moon' Douro Style Blend, 75cl

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The wine industry is littered with nonsensical traditions. Red wine only for meat, white only for the fish is a classic. The exceptions to this are numerous and offer a world of exciting taste opportunities. Cork is another one. In most cases the poor cork isn’t as good a closure for wine as a screwcap. And barrels is another. Far too many winemakers chuck their wine in barrels for the extra flavour, not understanding the historical context of barrels, or their ancillary benefits to the chemistry of winemaking. Often the barrels are new, hellishly expensive and dominate the subtle aromas and flavours of a wine. It’s impossible to argue that a wine shows a sense of place when smothered in oak. That’s why they use older barrels and why with this wine they use no barrels at all. This wine is made in the same way ancient wine was produced by the Sumerians and Egyptians. From evidence gathered from these old civilizations, The Drift have reimagined what techniques they would have used to make wine. Using this methodology and choosing robust grapes like Tinta Barocca, Shiraz and Grenache we have crafted a unique wine that is true to the ancient world of winemaking. A Brave new style of red wine. Crafted from varieties, on the edge of wildness, the aroma can be described as organised chaos. Breathe in deeply because this is the small path less travelled. With aromas of black cherry, basil, rosemary and spice and flavours of ripe plum and dark chocolate the wine surprises with its refreshing acidity and softness (due to a lack of tannin). It is a great wine to be enjoyed chilled, and goes extremely well with spicy chicken and cashew nut, blackened, salt-backed sea fish and sushi.

ABV: 13.5%