The Prestige Worldwide Tasting 03/07/20 - New World Wines To Send Shivers Up Your Spine

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We return to the Luxe end of the wine world with 3 outstanding wines to tantalise and titillate...3 exceptional drops you will remember for a long, long time to come. Not your normal fayre at all, if you're going to go big...go BIG!!

The wines are delivered to your door, with matched cheeses and we then taste it together online, we will be live streaming on Facebook and Instagram LIVE and back on Zoom too!! Banging wines and 2 pillocks hosting...or 1 pillock and Barry...

The same 'Prestige Worldwide' format for this tasting - the 'portions' are 100ml 'Tasters' and 500ml 'Carafes' to keep the price you probs don't need 3 £50/60+ wines open at the same time!! Or maybe you do...? You have the option to if you want!

Without further are the wines for this week, they are stand out examples of their type, business class juice...fully legit, bangers...all our wines are quality, these are full on tell-your-mates-about, show off juice...

 - CHARDONNAY!!! We love it, you love it, and if you don't its cos you've only had pish...this aint that!! Its a big Cali drop - the Karia Chardonnay by Stag's Leap Wine Cellars. Honied (oooooh), luscious (that's it...) and Elegant...but of oak too I imagine (whisper it baby!)

 - Next up a Safa...They either make cheap juice or expensive juice...and when they go big its game over!! Ken Forrester is the wine maker from Stellenbosch and we are on his Old Vine Syrah (30 year old) and EVEN OLDER Vine Grenache (50 year old) expression 'The Gypsy'. 

 - We finish on something really special..'The Pirate Blend' by L.A.S Vino!! Portuguese grapes dropped into the Margaret River region and allowed to reach their peak! Deep, structured and rich with not a little finesse and phenomenal finish. A proper winner!!  

3 spectacular, special occasion wines from the Length and Breadth of the New World...we can't wait to taste them with you!

Serious wines, for (not very) serious folk...point is they represent perfection in their style. Top of the tree!