Private Tastings

Private Tastings

After the, frankly, incredible response to our LIVE online tastings and a deluge of requests, here we go...have a private wine and cheese tasting with any of your friends anywhere in the country, hosted by US here at Grape to Grain!!

We offer online, instore, and at-home private tasting options to accomadate all kinds of events. 

We will deliver 3 super duper wines and paired cheeses to you and all your pals, anywhere in the UK, and then host you all securely on Zoom as we sip, savour and salivate over brilliant wines made by exceptional winemakers!! The tasting will last about an hour to 90 minutes, after which we will pass the host duties on to one of your party and you guys can carry on all night!!!


And should you want to keep partying all night...well...we have got a wine/beer care package for that ;)

We have 3 different price points to suit all groups sizes and budgets;

Fun and Funky; From £17.50 a head for 3 x 125ml measures of great wine with paired cheese.

Smooth and Sexy; From £25 a head for 3 x 125ml measures of exceptional wines with larger portions of top drawer cheese

Epic and Elegant; From £42.50 a head for 3 x 125ml measures of iconic, world beating wines with full on cheeseboards for each household. 

All prices are based on a minimum of 8 people involved, but we can cater for up to 200, the prices fall the more people you have involved! Each package is priced as follows;

8 - 15 people 

Fun and Funky - £27.50, Smooth and Sexy - £35, Epic and Elegant - £52.50 

16 - 25 people 

Fun and Funky - £22.50, Smooth and Sexy - £30, Epic and Elegant - £47.50 

26+ people 

Fun and Funky - £17.50, Smooth and Sexy - £25, Epic and Elegant - £42.50 

You can see the selection of wines available in each price bracket HERE, we can also put together bespoke tastings for you with more wines, just email All prices are ex VAT.

We can also get you larger portions of wine, 500ml carafes and full 750ml bottles per household, the breakdown is as follows;

500ml Carafe (minimum 6 households)

Fun and Funky - 6 - 12 households; £70 per household, 13+ households; £60

Smooth and Sexy - 6 - 12 households; £100 per household, 13+ households; £90

Epic and Elegant - 6 - 12 households; £165 per household, 13+ households; £155

Full Bottle (minimum 4 households)

Fun and Funky - 4 - 8 households; £80 per household, 9+ households; £65

Smooth and Sexy 4 - 8 households; £135 per household, 9+ households; £120

Epic and Elegant 4 - 8 households; £235 per household, 9+ households; £215

Shipping Costs

Within Salford, Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Bury and Ramsbottom - FREE

Within Greater Manchester - £5

Nationwide - £9.99

T&Cs apply subject to availability