The Grape to Grain Sauce Subscription

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What is the Sauce Subscription?

The Grape to Grain Sauce Subscription is a monthly wine club where we send you specially curated care parcels of top quality juice each and every month, full of brilliant booze and wonderful wine, saving you from the headache of actually choosing the wines yourself.

Just pick your vibe - red, white, mixed or fine wines, then pick the number of bottles that works best for you and we will do the rest.

What do I get?

Well you get wicked wines...of course...but so much more.

Firstly you'll get great value as all the wines we send out will be hand chosen by us and our suppliers to ensure you get the finest wines for an absolute steal! Plus you'll receive a detailed run down of each wine with fascinating info on how and where it's made and how to best enjoy it in the tasting booklets, we'll also do a taste along on the Grape to Grain LIVE YouTube channel you can join in on whenever you like. 

PLUS...if you are a Saucy Subscriber (TM) you'll receive 10% off shopping online or bottles to take away in-store and an extra day drinking CORKAGE-FREE on Thursdays. 

AND...if you don't like any of the wines we send, we will refund you for that wine, or swap it for another one right away. IT'S TOTALLY RISK FREE!!!



How does The Sauce Subscription work?

Choose a subscription size that works best for you - either one, three or six bottles and each month a big box of phenomenal wines will arrive at your door.

How do we choose your wines?

The same way we select wines for our wine list at the drinking a lot of wine and sending you the ones we remember!! Only joking! We want to show you beautiful bunch awesome new wines we love and want to drink ourselves...this just takes the headache of choosing the wines out of it. 

When will we charge you for your subscription?

You'll receive your first box within 1-3 working days and a recurring subscription fee will be charged on the 1st of each month and dispatched next working day. If your first box is charged within 14 days of the end of the month, your second box will default to the following month so you don't end up getting charged twice within 2 weeks.

How does delivery work?

We send all our wine via tracked courier service. You will receive a notification with tracking info once your wines have been dispatched. If you have any problems with your delivery please get in touch. If you live near to our store we may deliver ourselves...which'll be a nice treat for us both!

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Simply, head to your customer portal where you can put it on pause if your cellar is overflowing, change delivery address if you've moved house, change payment details or cancel your subscription at any time with no fees or fuss.